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We Have New Phone Extensions!

At the synod we are always working hard to make things more efficient so we can focus on what matters to our presbyteries and churches. In doing so we have made some changes to our phone directory. We also have new staff, Matt Aragon Bruce and Tim Pollock who ae looking forward to their work at the synod. We always look forward to your phone calls and want to make sure you know how to reach us! Along with our extensions, please feel free to reach staff on their mobile numbers (listed below). Our phone number is still (248) 729-2415 and the staff extensions are as follows:

Rev. Charles Hardwick, PhD - ext.700


Mobile (309) 530-4578


Fran Lane-Lawrence - ext.702

Stated Clerk

Mobile (269) 240-8155


Matt Aragon Bruce, PhD - ext.704


Cultivating the Gift of Preaching

Mobile (609) 712-4258


Tim Pollock - ext.705

Commissioned Ruling Elder/Commissioned Pastor Coordinator

Mobile (740) 624-2351


Heather Johnston - ext.701

Office Manager


Cultivating the Gift of Preaching


Martha Blenman - ext.703


Mobile (248) 840-1429

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