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The Synod’s Commissioned Ruling Elder/Commissioned Pastor Coordinator Has Begun Ministry

Greetings Synod of the Covenant and Presbyteries!

I am Tim Pollock, the new CRE coordinator. I am excited to begin working with all of you to create excellent training and support for our commissioned ruling elders serving in validated ministry.

As I look to my own call narrative, I can see God’s people not only walking with me, but also inviting me into the joyful service of the Lord. At 16, I was invited by my pastor to read scripture in worship. I was invited to be a ruling elder, and much later, invited into the CRE program of Muskingum Valley Presbytery. When I lost my position as a professor of Communication Studies, I was invited to serve as a full-time pastor, and I have been serving Bloomfield Presbyterian Church for over 10 years!

Calling is calling. Calling is invitational. One major role of the councils of PC(USA) is to discern calling, and often, invite the called to joyful service. CRE training and support should be as robust and meaningful as the training and support for Ministers of Word and Sacrament, for all are called to serve one Lord, and we are at our best when we discern and support the call of all the members of the Body of Christ.

This year, I will be listening to, providing coaching for, and begin developing with presbytery leaders. I my hope is to develop a set of minimum standards for CREs in the Synod of the Covenant with input from our presbyteries, a list of resources and best practices for training and support of CREs and implement programming to support the work of presbyteries.

The first step in our journey together is to meet and dialogue with one another about CRE training and support. I will be contacting presbytery leaders to schedule times to meet. I am also forming a steering committee to advise me in my work and will be looking for those who may wish to serve on this committee. I look forward to hearing from all of you soon.

The Peace of Christ!

Tim Pollock

CRE Coordinator for the Synod of the Covenant



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