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Brown Bag Meet-Up

Updated: Jun 3

When I was a faculty at my very first institution, I was invited by an older faculty member to a Brown Bag Meet-Up. The format was pretty simple: we would meet once a month (sometimes once a week in other institutions) at lunchtime to discuss topics around teaching. Everyone was to bring their own lunch (hence the Brown Bag) to spend time together. Even though we would have proposed topics, I found we often would turn quickly to supporting one another and sharing ideas and resources. I very much enjoyed the open and organic quality of the meeting.  

I would like to invite all CREs/CPs in our Synod to a Zoom Brown Bag Meet-Up on Tuesday, June 18 at Noon (If you want to make sure you get one, feel free to email me at I will be sending out a link in the next couple of weeks. This first meeting will focus on getting to know one another, maybe sharing what we are having for lunch, and we can see where the Lord leads us.

I look forward to meeting you all for a Brown Bag Meet-Up!

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