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A Letter from Rev Jin Seung Kim, Pastor of the Hanmi Presbyterian Church in Maumee Valley Presbytery

Thank you for the generous support and prayers for the Korean International College Students ministry at Hanmi.

We are experiencing exciting growth in this ministry! We are looking forward to at least 20 and maybe 30 or more Korean students who will become involved in our congregation from the University of Toledo this coming fall. This growth comes with challenges. We are hoping to find a 15-passenger bus (or a minivan would also be helpful) for transportation to our Friday meetings. We can probably manage Sunday transportation with the help of the church members, but a donation for a bus or a van will make the Friday ministry much more likely.

Hanmi’s Sunday attendance without college students is about 35, with 12 people who are 65 years old and up among them. It will mean so much to have 20-30 college students among us in the fall! Can you help us with transportation, or in other ways? Our church feels overwhelmed to handle this many students, and is also blessed with this GOOD problem. Thank you for your help!

Stay Blessed.

Jin Seung Kim


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