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Participant Application

Please consider each question carefully and provide written responses. Upload your answers to each question as a single WORD or PDF document. Please include headings for each question and begin new questions on a new page. Include your first and last name on the document and as the saved title; for example: JohnSmith.docx. Your document must be in WORD or PDF format.  Please adhere to the word limit and, again, please upload your responses to all essay questions as a single document, in WORD or PDF format.

1. Please give a brief description of your experience and involvement in your local congregation. This should include a description of your church attendance and participation; how often do you attend, what ministries do you participate in (bible studies, book groups), what is your service involvement (assisting in worship, teaching Sunday school), etc. (300-500 words)

2.  Please provide a brief statement of faith. (300-800 words)


Please write a brief statement that describes your personal faith. The statement should address these three elements:

  1. Describe what you believe about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and your relationship to the Triune God.

  2. What does it mean to you to be Presbyterian?

  3. Describe your current spiritual practices and disciplines.]

Upload File

4. Your application must include a letter of reference from your pastoral leader or clerk of session.  (Clerks of Session without a pastoral leader should contact their presbytery’s stated clerk or presbyter to provide a reference.)  They can submit that letter directly to the Cultivating the Gift of Preaching Initiative. 

The next group of questions is to help us form cohort groups wisely.   

Thank you for your application! For questions, please contact Matthew Aragon Bruce, Director of the Cultivating the Gift of Preaching Initiative, at Heather Johnston, Administrator, at

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