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Scholarship Application

Complete Applications are due by September 1, 2024


These scholarships are available to students for full and part-time study toward the first baccalaureate degree or certification at colleges, universities, and vocational schools, or first master’s degree in theology. Applicants will be asked to describe the ways or organizations for whom they provide Christian leadership, especially those that help churches or ministries to thrive, address structural racism, and/or engage issues of poverty (which are three of the Synod’s most important goals).  Active participants in a congregation, new worshipping community or campus ministry within the bounds of the Synod of the Covenant are eligible to apply. Applicants are eligible to apply annually, up to a maximum of 5 years. Applicants must have and maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA to be eligible. All financial grants will be made payable to the church session or campus ministry for distribution. Church or campus ministry will return the grant to the synod office if the student’s status changes.  Grants will not be considered after the application due date:  September 1, 2024.  Only completed applications will be considered.  Special consideration will be given to applicants who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color, and to those with significant financial need.  Applicants and their sponsoring ministry will be notified by October 15, 2024.


The amount of the scholarship will be awarded on the basis of need, academic standing, and contribution to Matthew 25 work as noted above. If a scholarship is awarded, it is strongly encouraged that the student create a short “thank you” video, as a composite video will be put together to celebrate each one of you across the Synod.


The review of applications will begin September 2, 2024. Applications and all requested materials and endorsement letter from pastor, new worshipping community leader, campus minister, or moderator/clerk of session, must be submitted by the deadline to receive consideration by the scholarship committee. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered nor will they be carried forward automatically. Applicants will need to reapply annually to be considered for continued funding.

Please submit each application individually.  Do NOT submit multiple applications as a group to ensure proper processing.

All applications must include 3 documents:  

  • As a single document, the entire completed Scholarship Application:  General Information, Educational Information, and Financial Information; this includes the amount of tuition for the year, and a full accounting of any other financial aid, family support, or source of income.

  • Statement as to how the student demonstrates Christian leadership (in the church or at school), especially those that help congregations or ministries to thrive, and/or helped to address racial injustice, and/or engage anti-poverty efforts (the three main goals of the Synod).

  • An Endorsement letter from a leader in the ministry in which the student is engaged, emailed separately as detailed in the application instructions


Questions can be addressed to Rev. Amy Duiker or Lisa Allgood at .


Applications can be completed and uploaded at here, or completed applications should be emailed to


Please contact the Synod Grants and Scholarships Committee using the following information:              


Grants and Scholarship Team

The Synod of the Covenant


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